Over 2 million children in the United States are affected by hair loss.

Do you want to donate your hair to kids that suffer from hair loss?


If you have at least 12 inches of virgin hair that you would like to donate

to help kids that suffer from cancer, pediatric burn injuries, alopecia, and other medical issues, 

I will give you a complimentary haircut!

Just fill out the Online Hair Donation Form here and book your Wigs for Kids Hair Donation here!


If you are a GIRL SCOUT, you can earn a Wigs for Kids PATCH by donating your ponytail!

If you would like a patch, please fill out your Online Hair Donation Form here

Do you know a child in need of a wig?

I am now a certified affiliate with Wigs For Kids!


This means that I am certified to measure and custom fit a child with a wig from Wigs for Kids, and later style it so the child looks and feels like they did before losing their hair. 


Know a child here in the community? Please contact me!