Keratin Smoothing Maintenance

Welcome to the Frizz Free World!

Your new Keratin Smoothing Treatment will last up to 4 months dependent upon proper maintenance.

It will relax over time and will not produce a strong line of demarcation.

After your Keratin Smoothing Treatment Service

Your hair needs to be shampooed within 24 hours of the service.


If you are leaving the salon after the keratin treatment and washing it out of your hair the next day:

before washing - do not pin your hair, no ponytails, no tucking hair behind the ears, and try not to sweat (If  you do, be sure to flat iron after), and do not wear a hat or anything that might leave a mark in the hair. Upon waking in the morning, it is recommended to apply heat using a flat iron or blow dryer to remove any bumps or bends in the hair.

Only apply SODIUM CHLORIDE FREE products on your hair.

I recommend washing hair no more than three times per week. Washing the hair too frequently will result in a shorter lifespan of the keratin treatment.

Dry shampoo can help extend time between washes.

Sweat, Swimming, and Well Water

Salt is kryptonite to Lasio Keratin Treatments.

To ensure longevity of your treatment use your Revitalizing Masque once per week. Applying the Revitalizing Masque before swimming or before working out will provide a barrier between the hair and the salt.

Be sure to rinse hair immediately after exposure to any saltwater, sweat and chlorine.

Color services can be performed same day before the Keratin Treatment or  2 weeks after the treatment.

Your Lasio Keratin Smoothing Treatment can be done every 3-4 months.

Never hesitate to contact me with any questions!