Hair Extensions Maintenance

Welcome to the Hair Extension World!

Hair Extensions are a high maintenance, luxury service. To insure the health of your hair and lengthen the life of the

extension hair, strict guidelines will need to be followed.

Your routine salon maintenance appointments are crucial for the health of your hair and scalp.

At-home maintenance is just as important.

New Extensions

If you are wearing I-tip or Fusion extensions, expect up to 10 strands of bonds or links to slip or come out within the first couple of weeks. Simply store them in a plastic baggy and bring them to your next appointment.

Natural hair growth, daily habits and a variety of other factors will affect the initial installation. It is important to see me again within the first 2 weeks after the initial installation to fix those few strands, alter the placement and review with you any new questions you may have regarding washing and styling the hair.

Expect that your new set of hair extensions will have to adapt to your head and your daily habits. Because this is real human hair that was most likely never exposed to styling products or tools, you will have to “train” the hair to curl or lay flat in the way you wish.

The new hair extensions are now blended with your own hair, with the goal of having a seamless integration of the hair extensions to create a full head of hair. The hair extensions will most likely have a different density and curl pattern than your natural hair so one must be mindful of this when styling.


Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo your hair in the morning or during the day. If you need to shampoo in the evening, make absolutely certain that your hair is fully dry throughout the extensions before going to sleep. Particularly, check to see that the hair is dry around the area that the extensions are attached at.

Brush your hair thoroughly before shampooing and conditioning using a Wetbrush or a soft rounded wide tooth comb.

Only use the sulfate free shampoo and conditioner recommended to you.

Wet the hair with water.

Apply shampoo by emulsifying the shampoo in your hands rub on the scalp area that does not contain extensions. Do not rub where the hair extensions are attached.

When rinsing out the shampoo, let the water run through your hair from a top down position. Lift your hair up a little where the attachments are to help the shampoo rinse out. Take your time.

Once the Shampoo is rinsed out thoroughly, use conditioner from about a couple inches down from the attachment going through to the ends of the extensions. Use a wide tooth comb with soft rounded teeth to comb your hair to distribute the conditioner through your hair.

To rinse out the conditioner the water should run through the hair again without any rubbing.

Avoid applying conditioner to the areas where the hair extensions are attached, as this may loosen the attachment and could make them slide. Conditioner applied onto the tip or weft of the extensions might cause them to soften and could make the hair start shedding.


I highly recommend using Microfiber towels or a t-shirt.

When towel drying, gently squeeze out excess water and blot with the Microfiber towel or t-shirt. If needed you can wrap the towel around your head, but do not rub or turn your head upside down to roll your hair in the towel.


Preferably do not brush your hair while it is wet, but if you have to, only brush with a wet brush starting at the bottom of the hair, working your way up to without yanking on the hair.

If you are going to blow-dry the hair straight you can start to detangle easier and gentler, once it starts to dry.


Only use the styling products that were recommended to you.

Some products cause buildup on the hair and will shorten the lifespan of the extensions.

The leave-in conditioner, Healing Oil, and heat protectant recommended to you will be your best friend.

Never apply heat without your heat protectant.

 Always use heat tools on a medium-low to low setting.

When drying your hair with a blow dryer, setting should be on medium to low heat, avoid any damage by being careful and stay away from the attachments of your hair extensions.

When blow drying wavy or curly hair, you can use a diffuser. Apply your leave-in conditioner, hold product and scrunch your hair using a Microfiber towel or t-shirt to create the curls, then diffuse or air dry.

Excessive use of heat should be avoided; these are elements that will shorten the lifespan of your hair extensions and are also not good for your natural hair. Heat can also soften the attachment and make your extensions slide, and can damage the weft or tips. Always use heat tools, such as flat and curling irons on a medium-low to low setting and stay about 2”/5cm below from where your extensions are attached.


When going to bed, long hair extensions should be braided into one or two big loose braids. The purpose is to prevent tangling, damage to the attachment, and also to avoid traction of your own hair where the extensions are attached.


If you need to shampoo in the evening, make absolutely certain that your hair is fully dry throughout the extensions before going to sleep. Particularly, check to see that the hair is dry around the attachments.

A tip that is very healthy for both the hair extensions and your own real hair is to use a pillowcase made of silk or satin; it’s not rough and does not take moisture away from your hair as other common materials such as cotton.

It is also great for your skin!


Yes. Summer, beach, sand, and swimming pools may turn on our big happy smiles! Consequently, our hair extensions may not be happy if not properly protected!

Sun can dry out your hair and hair extensions, ocean water and chlorine from swimming pools can make your hair tangled and matted. They can also strip the hair color from your extensions or change them to colors you barely knew existed! Sand can find its way into the attachments of your hair extensions and start loosening them. Fortunately, there are preventative measures that you can take.

If you swim regularly, I highly recommend wearing a swim cap to protect your hair,  add leave-in conditioner to the extension hair 2”down from the attachment to the ends of hair, then braid it and put on the swim cap.

If you forgot to bring a swim cap, at a minimum wet your hair, apply  conditioner, and braid it or clip it up. Try to keep your hair above water.

Wetting your hair with clean water and applying conditioner will provide some protection by creating a barrier against the harsh chemicals or ocean water. Also, it will keep your hair from soaking up the sunscreen or other Lotion from your face and body.

Shampoo and condition your hair as soon as possibly after you finish swimming.

The styling products recommended to you will help prevent damage from the sun. For extra protection use a hat, bandana, or be creative, covering up your hair when your out in the sun. This will prevent the sun from drying out your hair and fading the color, and also the sand from penetrating into the attachments of your extensions.

Spas and Saunas

When joining the spa or sauna, the hair will be better protected when brushed out completely, then braided and wrapped in a cold damp Microfiber towel.


As desert winter air and indoor heat dries out our skin, it also dries out your hair and can make it very staticky.

During these seasons make sure you are using the deep conditioner recommended to you, at least once a week.

For dry scalp, make sure you are booking a scalp treatment with your salon extension maintenance service.

Never hesitate to contact me with any questions!